About Us

The Biotoxin Foundation’s mission is three-pronged:

  • The right to clean air
  • The right to clean water
  • The right to clean food

The Biotoxin Foundation was established because of the founder’s history with mold damage. Jefferson Nunn, the founder, suffered intense mold damage from a residence he and his family lived in. He was exposed to mold long term, well over two years, and the damage crossed the blood-brain barrier. This caused a great deal of pain all over his body, including but not limited to tinnitus, eustachian popping that causes pain, and other health problems. This pain caused him to go to the emergency room almost a dozen times and see thirty different doctors before one even figured the probable cause.

It took a non-mainstream doctor to help Jefferson. Dr. Johnson, out of Dallas, TX, and his associates, helped Jefferson pinpoint it was mold damage that was affecting Jefferson’s health and inflicting a great deal of pain.

In his search for answers, Jefferson came across a great deal of cases where mold—particularly black mold—caused damage to people’s health. One case out of South Carolina brought to light how ineffective medical science was in treating, let alone detecting, mold in our bodies. One family in South Carolina had black mold damage in their rental home, unknown, as the landlord handled it poorly. The mother had a heart attack and heart problems. The father had a stroke and was paralyzed by it. Their two children developed heart problems and had to be sent to family for care as they were severely overwhelmed with health problems. Unfortunately, the family’s lawsuit against the landlord failed, with insufficient protection to people harmed by mold and a great deal of laws protect the landlords, not tenants.

Hearing of other people’s issues, Jefferson has taken it upon himself to establish the Biotoxin Foundation. He seeks to develop grants for mold detection and treatment to mold damage in people’s bodies. More, he seeks to bring awareness to how poor quality air, water, and food are also creating additional health problems that we’re unaware of. Such as how asthma is caused by bad air quality around people.
It is the Biotoxin Foundation’s goal to discover ways to test the air for quality for people’s general safety. A kind of immediate test via a person’s cellphone. There is also a pilot study they want to launch, to determine if a person has been exposed to mold and when the exposure was. The aim is to find an affordable, quicker way to do such tests. Once that is done, they also plan to work on discovering treatments that will help save lives.

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