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How To Clean Up Mold

The Biotoxin Foundation highly recommends using a professional for remediation as much as possible. There are ways you can treat mold yourself. First and foremost, manage the humidity levels. Inspect your home on a regular basis to ensure there are no leaks. Have a well-ventilated home.

Should you find mold in your home and wish to clean it, here are some suggestions*.

Thoroughly clean all hard surfaces (such as flooring, molding, wood and metal furniture, countertops, and sinks) with water and dish detergent. Dry the surfaces quickly and thoroughly after cleaning.

Mold growth can be removed from hard surfaces with a special FDA-approved product called Biocide [link:]. Follow the instructions on the bottle from the manufacturer. Do not use bleach; despite claims by the CDC, bleach will not be sufficient to destroy all mold. 

Open windows and doors to provide fresh air. Wear non-porous gloves and protective wear. Always wear an N95 mask.

However, we do not recommend you do it yourself in removing mold from your home. Dead or alive, mold can still remain allergenic and damaging. There are many factors that need to be evaluated when deciding whether you should clean up the mold yourself or hiring a professional. DIY mold removal can create a bigger mess and can cost you more money in the long run.


*Disclaimer: The Biotoxin Foundation is not to be held liable for such recommendations. If you follow the suggestions, you will not hold the Biotoxin Foundation responsible for any problems that arise. We highly recommend you use a professional in mold removal!

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