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Shawn is about to take on the most difficult battle of his life. In addition to being a distinguished hockey player and accomplished athlete, he is the most caring, lovable and charismatic young man you can meet. He had just turned 18 and had life ahead of him. He had goals and passions. He was recently admitted to the Quebec Fire Protection Institute (IPIQ). He was on the verge of fulfilling his dream… of becoming a firefighter.

Everything changed following an invitation to celebrate a friend’s party with a tandem skydiving activity. Who would have thought that this wonderful day would turn into a nightmare. When we saw that the 5 parachutes in our group had opened in the sky, the stress subsided. One after another, the paratroopers touched down. Shawn was the last to jump off the plane and he wasn’t so lucky on the landing. A gust of wind changed the course of his life. The impact on the ground was brutal. The spine was fractured and the spinal cord was affected. Shawn lost the use of his legs.

“Lucky it’s me and not my sister” were his first words after the surgery. Even on his hospital bed, he shows us his big heart and his strength of character.

More than ever, he is the one who needs your help. His new challenges will require strength, perseverance, courage and also support.

The donations will be used to improve his quality of life and alleviate his worries for the future. Now is the time to return the favor and show him the wave of love behind him.

Shawn is about to begin the toughest fight of his life. Apart from being an accomplished athlete, he is the most charismatic, attentive, likeable and caring person you would want to meet. His goals were set in stone and he was on his way to accomplishing his dream, becoming a firefighter. He was recently admitted to the Institut de protection contre les incendies du Québec (IPIQ). He was… living his dream !!

At the young age of 18 everything changed. Two weeks ago, an invitation was sent to attend a friend’s birthday.

Who knew this beautiful Sunday would turn tragic. Tandem skydiving was on the agenda.

As we counted the parachute opening, 1..2..3..4..5 .., what a relief. Each one landed one after the other with a big smile. Shawn was the last one to land. A gust of wind decided otherwise. The impact was brutal.

At that moment, his new life began. Severe spinal cord and vertebrae damage. Shawn has lost the use of his legs.

One of his first words after surgery was: “I’m glad it’s me lying here and not my sister”.

At that moment, our hearts sank, and we knew the fight was about to begin.

His new challenges will require strength, perseverance, courage, blood, sweat and tears. It will also include the need of donations to support his new lifestyle. Shawn has always been there for others unconditionally! Hence why, more than ever, we need you to be there for him.


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