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Our family needs help

We really need help in medical and housing
We have been trying to get our trailer fixed but the black mold is just to bad
It has extrem water damage that has been their for years
My baby is sick I’m sick my husband is sick even my dog is sick and can’t gain weight
We have nobody to help us or even believes that mold makes you sick
It is hidden in the ceiling but is in the walls now to and while taking some stuff apart it everywhere it’s even growing in the dirt under the house
We tryed bleach it made it worse we have tryed mold spray it did not help
I’m out of money and it’s almost winter
We live in Idaho and doctors don’t know nothing about it here .
They say it’s all in our head
Churches won’t help
Neither will our community
We need a doctor and the house needs condemed.
We don’t have mold people here so it’s going to cost an arm and leg to get one from out of town
Please someone help
If it’s funds or phisical
Anything please
IV been in this house almost a year and a half and have a 1 year old daughter and we are so sick
I’m pretty sure I have cancer now from it
But we have no where else to go


Bonnie Gayer


Raised of $20,000

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