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Memory and concentration

Fibromyalgia symptomsMemory and concentration

         The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun. When they are concentrated, they illumine.”

– Swami Vivekananda

Having a goal in our life makes it meaningful and more pleasant. It is good to set a goal in mind and work hard to achieve it in the middle of all the distractions that have stolen our attention.

Concentration helps us get things done quickly and smoothly. It is the capacity to focus on a single idea and avoid thinking about everything else. In such a situation, the mind is at the highest level of calmness. It becomes more receptive and more willing to reach the required goals without being preoccupied with negative thoughts such as anxiety and fear which make us feel frustrated and hopeless and hold us back from success.  Hence, concentration gives the mind a sense of clarity and peace that allows it to control the energy and concentrate it on a single thought. therefore the results will be above the perceived level.

Concentration has many advantages because it enables the individual to understand quickly, study, analyze and strengthen his memory. It also helps generate interest and a strong desire to accomplish tasks or objectives with high efficiency.  Whereas lack of it causes energy to dissipate and all our efforts become futile. When one loses concentration or forgets, he becomes incapable of carrying out even the simplest tasks.

The difficulty of concentration is a diminished ability to concentrate thoughts on a certain thing. Problems with thinking, memory and concentration can be traced back to Febromyalgia . It  can also be caused by chronic illnesses, respiratory problems while sleeping, heavy metal poisoning, or traumatic brain injury…etc, Or cognitive difficulties such as concentration difficulties, attention deficit disorder, learning difficulties, visual impairment, delirium and dementia. Psychiatric disorders might also be another factor including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma or stress. There are many other reasons, such as sleep disturbances, the use of certain types of medicines, or the consumption of alcohol and drugs … etc

To improve your focus and ability to remember, you must first stay away from the sources of distraction For example, turn off your phone, turn off social media on your computer, and find a quiet place away from the noise. Second, write your to-do list, this step allows you to focus better and set a time for each task. Third, avoid high levels of caffeine, unlike the popular belief that the more caffeine you consume, the more you focus, the secret lies in the consumption of fewer quantities. So try to drink small doses of coffee so that it gives you the desired focus without making your body more susceptible to fatigue due to hyperactivity. Fourth, try to get enough sleep because your nervous system, your brain, and all of your body’s functions need rest for at least 8 hours a day. Fifth, follow a healthy, balanced diet full of protein and fibre, such as spinach and broccoli, and fish that contain omega-3, such as salmon. Finally, make reading a regular activity in your life as it helps you learn to focus and strengthen your memory.

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