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Depression and anxiety

Depression and anxietyFibromyalgia symptoms

Unfortunately, the rates of depression and anxiety are on the rise. Approximately 10% of adults around the world suffer from depression, and you may be one of this 10% or you may know someone who suffers from depression.  What is depression and what is the difference between it and anxiety or sadness?  What are its symptoms and causes?  How should we deal with who is depressed and what treatment methods are recommended to reduce the negative impact of depression?

 The difference between sadness and depression can be confusing, especially if one suffers from both and there is a fine line between feeling sad and depressed.  Almost everyone gets frustrated from time to time, for example when they get a bad grade, lose a job, or get into an argument.  Even a rainy day can cause sadness, but this feeling fades quickly.  Therefore, a sad person can determine the cause of his sadness while a depressed person is not able to.  He cannot put his finger categorically on what has depleted the meaning of life for him, he is simply depressed and depression often accompanies symptoms of anxiety and sadness, but what is depression and what is anxiety?  Depression is the main cause of disability in the world, and it is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low spirits, and a loss of interest in most things, even those things, which means a lot to you.  This dangerous mental illness affects the brain and is difficult to understand.

 Whereas, anxiety is a psychological disorder that a person regularly feels at disproportionate levels due to an emotional stimulus, for fear, tension or other stimuli.

 Anyone who has depression will tell you that it is not just something on your mind but something that you feel in your body as much as you feel in your head.  Feeling frustrated is like feeling fear and tiredness at the same time.  It’s the fear of failure but at the same time losing motivation and the desire to go ahead and try.  It is the desire to make friends but an aversion to socializing.  It is the longing to be alone, but not to be alone.  It’s feeling everything at once and then nothing at all, just an intense emptiness.  You feel that there is no meaning in your presence in life that there is no meaning in life, that you are in a vicious circle and you are trapped in chains of depression.  Depression is when people wait for your best while you are at your worst and about to give up.  Depression quietly passes through you, at first you struggle with the little things but you choose to ignore them.  It’s like a headache, you think it’s temporary and it will go away, but it won’t go away.  And you have to wear a social mask, hide behind it, or rather hide your pain behind it, to continue living with others.  But the problem does not go away, and every time you wear that fake face your pain increases and you feel deadly lonely, and this feeling continues to devour you more and more every day.  You start distancing yourself from friends and family and completely isolating them from your life, and you continue to withdraw and destroy your relationships.  Only then do you realize how wide the gap between you and them is.  The little things that used to bring you happiness are no longer the case and as if the whole world was unable to contain you and absorb the feeling of emptiness that is inside you.  Even the simplest tasks such as getting out of bed seem tired because you do not have a motive in your life that keeps you trying, so why bother if there is nothing that makes you happy in all cases?  Your life is slow and the days are repeating, just a feeling of heaviness filling your mind and crouching on your body.  There is a part inside of you that wants to get things right, a sudden burst of positive emotions that make you want to get up and try, but it’s a short-term feeling because you know inside you that it won’t help.  The failure of the other was not yours, so you choose to be alone with those unbearable feelings that you can no longer bear.  Finally, you realize that you cannot continue this way and you face two options, one of which has dire consequences.  This is what depression looks like

It is difficult to identify depression, especially in the early stages of its onset, as many people think that it is anxiety and will disappear, but they only realize the truth of the matter when the deterioration of their mental state and the beginning of the emergence of serious symptoms, including A feeling of worthlessness and self-loathing and sometimes a constant feeling of guilt.  But the most dangerous feeling is when a depressed person loses sense of himself or has a separate entity. Sleeping for long periods is also a hallmark of depression, to evade the state of sadness and distress that the patient feels.  Forgetfulness and loss of focus are among the things that many frustrated people suffer from, as they become more likely to forget even the simplest details. Noticeable changes in appetite and weight. A depressed patient increases weight and decreases according to the change in appetite to eat.  Some people tend to overeat in situations of extreme sadness, while others refrain from eating.  Thinking about thoughts about death and suicide, a depressed person believes that there is no point in life and that his only way to get rid of the burden of that feeling is suicide.  And many other symptoms are not less dangerous, such as Aggression, violence, extreme self-criticism, self-isolation,  the inability to sleep at night, which can lead to insomnia and in some cases the consumption of some sedative medications that can result in addiction.

There is no direct underlying cause for depression or anxiety, but the causes differ from one person to another, and among these reasons we mention: -Fibromyalgia , a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues  .

– Moral and physical abuse such as verbal insults, bullying, or rape.  All of these abuses can make a person more vulnerable to depression. 

-Age is another additional factor that increases the likelihood of developing depression elderly people are more prone to depression and it gets worse when they live alone and suffer from a lack of social and emotional support. 
-Some drugs may also increase the risk of depression, such as isotretinoin (used to treat acne), the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, corticosteroids, and many others.

-the  Death or loss of a beloved one is also an important cause of depression.

– Sometimes the cause may be hormonal, especially for women, such as the hormonal changes that they may experience at different times in their lives, such as the postpartum period.

Living with a depressed person is never easy, it is really painful, especially if that person means a lot to you, but nothing is more painful than when your loved one abandons you during your difficult times.  Therefore, a depressed person needs to find emotional support from the people around him because he needs to feel loved and that there is someone who cares for him.   A depressed person must be contained as the first step of treatment there must be someone to listen to him and try to understand how he feels. He must not feel lonely and abandoned. Sometimes just hugging him can be enough.   It is also important for a depressed person to go to a psychotherapist so that he feels better and to avoid tragic ends.  Sports or practising an activity is something very recommended in this case, because sport clears the mind, improves the psyche, and makes all the negative energy fade away.  Therefore, make sure to treat the depressed person well and always keep in mind that sometimes the person who is always there for everyone else, needs someone there for him/ her.

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